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Another fantastic customer review!

IMG_6400Hello Everyone,

I hope you are doing great.  I have another very happy customer review for you.  I have only done one session with this client before they moved away.  I have found lately that I’m doing a lot of TMJ work, and its usually due to grinding in your sleep.  Enjoy!

As someone who has been getting massages for over 15 years I cannot stress how impressed I was with Caleb. He used several different techniques and stretching in combination with Cupping. It was not your usual one dimensional back rub.  He also did some work with my TMJ. I felt amazing when I got off of the table. Normally I feel good after a massage for a few days but in this case I still feel great and it’s been a month. I am in shock over the amazing results I received from Caleb’s massage. I will be a forever customer of his. 

Sarah E.


Thank you so much for your kind words!

Caleb Hicks L.M.T.

FL Lic#MA67385

Client reviews!

IMG_6256Hello Everyone,

I hope today finds you well.  I wanted to share some kind words from clients.  After all,  don’t take my word for it, ask a client!

The first is from an Atlanta GA client who comes to St. Augustine several times a year.  This was posted in the comments section of my web page, under the “Welcome” post.

Caleb is far and away the most talented and effective therapist I have ever encountered. I am a 54 year old mother of two, and have been using massage therapy for 25 years. In recent years I have had trouble with neck pain and stiffness which had not been resolved with massage, stretching or chiropractic visits. One session with Caleb gave me more relief than everything else I have done combined. My 76 year old mother is also Caleb’s client and says the same. When planning to visit St Augustine, the first thing we schedule are our sessions with Caleb! Wish he was located closer to our home in Atlanta.


The second is from another visiting client from MN.  This was emailed to me, and with his permission I’ve posted it here:

Name: Bill Schwandt
Comment: While planning my vacation to St. Augustine, I looked for a massage therapists on-line and found Caleb Hicks.  I decided to give him a try.  WOW…am I glad I did.  I was so impressed with his technique during a 90 minutes session, that I booked a 180 minute session as well.  He is amazing.

Caleb is not only a truly great massage therapists, but also a real person.  He is approachable and attentive, always making one feel extremely comfortable.

If you are looking for the VERY best massage experience, I urge you to contact Caleb.



I can’t put it any better, thank you very much!

Caleb Hicks L.M.T.

FL Lic# MA67385

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing great.  It’s an amazing day for massage… well, every day is a great day to get a #massage!  I have a light schedule today at the Ponte Vedra Beach FL #YMCA, so I wanted to share one of my stories about hydration.
A few months ago I donated blood outside of here in the blood bus and the person helping me said wow, you must be well hydrated because your donation was 2-3 times faster than everyone else.  I told them my daily goal is 150 oz of just water because of how hard I work for my clients.  I often consider my self to do cardio for a living.
That got me thinking…  How much slower other peoples blood must be moving.  If my blood is running like water, others must be more like a thicker liquid, almost like syrup in your system.  I realized now much harder your heart and body have to work to get that thick liquid around the body.  How much harder it is for your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients, and how hard it must be to collect all the waste generated just to stay alive.  Add exercise and your body is in real need of help!
I hope this makes you think about your #hydration, and what you do to keep your self healthy.  Massage is a great way to boost your #recovery in a lot of areas from the gym or sports event, to rehabilitation from injury or surgery.
Please feel free to give me your thoughts and/or feedback about my observation, or to schedule a massage!

Thank you for your time,

Caleb Hicks, L.M.T.
FL Lic#MA67385


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